Sunday Funday postponed to Monday memories and funnies. (Again, please no sensitivies, I try to make you smile while we all muddled through 😊)

So I missed our Sunday Funday day! What in the wild, wild, world of sports was that?! How could I not be here with at least ONE funny thing that helps relieve MY stress, and I hope yours! 

So, that MAY or MAY NOT have been how my Sunday went. Sometimes you are so wrapped up in life and surviving the pitfalls that you don’t see when the truck is just about to hit you. That has been me. Then the trucked parked and proceeded to dump all my past things I thought I escaped right on my face. Why can’t I be Indiana Jones and be able to escape the pitfalls??

Yeah, where was MY sign? That’s ok. I think maybe just maybe this one worked out. So in that spirit, and knowing that we ALL have pitfalls, we all face trouble, we all need a hand when this thing called life tries to keep us down, I have your collection of funnies, lovelies, just a day late! Don’t shoot! I still am here. As are you. Now that does say something. May your Monday be merry!

So Monday Funny Time! 

And away we go!

********isn’t that the truth!**********

*****No Refunds! No exchanges!*****

******Ohhhh nooooo!!!**********

*****I always hunt elephants there!*****

****That is what I’m screaming!****

******* LaLaLaLaLaLaLa!********

***** Yup! *****

***** And finally my favorite! *****

********* BOOM! ***************

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. May your Monday be jolly and your day be filled with laughter! 

Until next time my lovelies…………..



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