Three Types of Men (and women because we too can be that creative! ) 

OK FRIENDS! You know what time it is……TIME TO CHECK THOSE SENSITIVITIES IN MY COAT CLOSET……I PROMISE I WILL GIVE THEM BACK……EVENTUALLY 😂 SOMETIMES WE ALL JUST NEED A GOOD LAUGH! I have in store for you today TWO different posts…….as you can see…..first…..let’s talk about the THREE TYPES OF MEN (AND WOMEN)………

There are the ones that learn by reading. 

There are the few who learn by observation. 

The rest of them, have to piss on the electric fence for themselves. 

Quite a humorous video clip compliments of So which category do you fall into friends?? I know where I am. Still picking myself up off the grass! 😂😂

Just remember, you never fail if you try!

Until we meet again my friends, watch those fences! 



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