Have you ever just looked around you and thought… AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

I mean Duracell would make a killing if they could harness the pure, raw, power of a child on a mission.

So today, the object of the mission is “Anime Comicon.” I just want to know, WHOSE BRAIN CHILD WAS THIS?

So let me just be real here. This money racket is a $50 per person entrance fee, PER DAY, no matter if you are a “COSPLAY” or “COMICON” goer, or merely just the schmuck parent that has to tag along to this madness. The average family of four equates to $200 bucks for 3 hours of straight crazy. Go ahead, think that through…

Now, I absolutely not one to judge. I say to each his own. Comicon is NOT my own… it’s my teenagers own… why I am I made to suffer too?

So, I have had an epiphany… it is Father’s Day Weekend… So guess who is getting thrown under the bus?

I mean, hey… maybe Comicon is something that a kid can teach their parent about…

So, today I laugh. Laugh at… I mean WITH their Dad… and I reminisce about days long gone… when the children were small and I could put them where I wanted them and they stayed. When no meant no. When there were no arguments. When Comicon was a word I might have uttered when squashing a bug, not an event that squashed my wallet. Today, I honor parents everywhere. Keep laughing fellow travelers… their day is coming soon! 

To all the No’s that were ignored!

To all the little white lies…

To all those smart assed answers you heard…

To all those moments you wished your kid came with a manual…

To all those lost conversations with your spouse…

To all those moments you realize that raising kids is like trying to nail jello to a tree…

And to all those Father’s out there on this fine Father’s Day weekend…

I salute you all! Have a great Saturday!




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