Aren’t we all afraid of the boogey-man under the bed?

Haven’t you ever just needed help? You were fine and then the bottom dropped out? Or that tree just walked out in front of you and……..

help cat

Donate to assist with the aneurysm boogey-man!

Or what if you thought everything was under control, until you find yourself strapped to a bed in the hospital, on a heparin drip and thinking this is where the boogey-man is gonna get me, or the Walking Dead will be real, or just my worst nightmare is happening and the boogey-man has finally got me…….


PLEASE help save me!!!

And all the times you’ve helped without asking for anything, because that’s who you are, and then they hit you with you have a brain aneurysm….

bad cpr


Please, this is REALLY getting serious now!

And all you can think about is GET IT OUT OF ME!

aneurysm yuck

Please, I’m begging, surely a dollar won’t hurt!

And then you’re walking down the street and run upon your good fortune….

its a quarter

And you think….there’s this great RN that needs help with her aneurysm costs. I’ll go donate!

So PLEASE share my blog, loop it around the world!loop

It is a humanitarian thing after all!

Sometimes all we need is a little help from our friends!

help from friends

Because sometimes you never even see it coming! Everyone needs help every now and again. Make it count! Let this RN keep taking care of YOU by YOU taking care of her now!

~ J


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