Donations to the aneurysm cause please!

One day I went to work as an Emergency Nurse, and became an emergency myself! I was having stroke like symptoms and they quickly rushed me through the stroke protocol. In the end they found i had a cardiac “event”, a TIA (which is a mini stroke), and it left me with violent tremors and a complete change in my vision and ability to walk. The big ouch came when they said I have a brain aneurysm. It’s pushing on my optic nerve and that is what has caused the disturbance in my vision. My aneurysm hadn’t ruptured, however I did leak a small amount of blood in my head. I never understood how devastating it is to have your whole word change in just minutes. I have been the provider for my home. Now I am reviewing books and running a small online store that I have created to resell my book adventures…..everyone should have the chance to read more adventures and live more adventures! So I am putting up this page in hopes that you wonderful fellow story tellers and story livers may feel something move you to donate to the aneurysm medical cause. Every dollar counts as my job  let me go after 4 years working for that emergency department due to medical condition. We thank you for reading this and more importantly PLEASE educate yourself on Migraines, Aneurysms and Strokes. I thought I just had headaches………please don’t be a statistic…..your life matters too!

~ J

Donations for a great cause- aneurysm